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Hathway CBD offers white label and private label CBD products to suit the needs of different businesses. A private label product is a brand that sells to only one retailer. A white label product is generic and sold to many retailers. Each of these is appropriate for different sales strategies and kinds of shops.

Private label CBD means that the product you order from us will have the custom logo of your shop, brand, and business. This is a way to stand out in the market and connect with your audience. It helps them remember your product and business. It also gives you the opportunity to create one. Private label CBD and other private label products are often recommended for smaller retailers that want to do something different in the marketplace.

When you choose private label CBD products you can create a brand involving a range of CBD products as wide or specific as you chose. When you work with us, you can choose from over 100 unique SKUS. This includes tinctures, creams, pet products, and supplements. We offer many opportunities to create something unique.

At Hathway CBD you can find a wide range of CBD products to suit any type of store and reach any type of customer. All of the wholesale CBD products that we offer have been lab tested to meet the strict purity and potency standards of the FDA. We only use high-quality lab-tested CBD.

Our CBD products are very diverse. We offer beverages, smokeables, oils, supplements, and more. We even offer CBD products for pets. So, whether you run a health food store, smoke shop, or pet shop, we can create high quality private label CBD products to suit your needs. This is why we are one of the fastest growing CBD retailers in the state of California.

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